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Introduce Current FMLA Reporting to Technology

Often, FMLA practices are not appropriately administered. Many of you might even have heard the term "Friday Monday Leave Act," instead of the real purpose of that acronym, being Family Medical Leave Act. Definitely, this could be handled differently at any given facility, and even within each facility. Employers will often save D.O.L. templates and re-use them without verifying if there have been any updates within the required documentation. Additionally, there is no concrete document control method that can guarantee that each case has received the appropriate paperwork and consideration.


Much like having the ability to report unemployment claims online or even like filing taxes online, it would be extremely convenient for employers if there was an online program that could help maintain records, have fillable forms for communications that would flag questions of eligibility, balances, and perhaps even audits for fraud, without having to go to a third party. This would ensure that state and federal laws were being followed, and help employers administer FMLA, ADAA, STD, and more. Ultimately, this idea would help staunch human error, and would benefit employees AND employers.



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